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Seeking Product Management Excellence?


Strategic guidance and coaching for businesses and professionals.

A customized solution

Tailored specially for you

Are you a Product Manager?

Enhance your product management skills and master specific areas. Whether you're looking to refine your product strategy, improve your product management techniques, or strengthen your leadership abilities, I am here to help.

Are you a newbie?

I provide guidance for newcomers, helping them navigate the path of success as a Product Manager. From understanding the fundamentals of product management, to landing the first job and making a significant impact, my coaching and resources will set you on the right track. 

Are you a company?

For startups, a strong product vision and effective growth strategy and execution are key to success. I offer consultancy and coaching services which are designed to assist your startup in developing a clear vision for your product and achieving sustainable growth. 

Hey,👋my name is Marinela

Product Expert 

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Drawing from 10 years of diverse industry experience and a proven track record of leadership roles, I provide customized product management consultancy services for small businesses. My expertise also extends to mentoring individuals who seek to break into or excel in the field of product management.

Together, we can steer your growth journey to success! 

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At ProdPeak, I am dedicated to support the growth and the success of early-stage businesses and help Product Managers enter the market or grow their skills further. I bring a unique blend of expertise in product management and digital marketing to the table, offering a suite of services tailored to your specific needs. My goal is to empower different businesses to not only survive but thrive in today's competitive landscape. Whether you need market research and validation, strategic product planning, expert guidance for product launches, continuous product improvement, efficient resource management through lean startup principles, or a robust digital marketing stratey, I am here to support you at every step.

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